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September 3, 2013

Brisbane Newborn Photographer – Why pay a professional?


Brisbane Newborn Photographer – Why pay a professional?

Why are Professional Photographers perceived to be so expensive?

In this digital age where everyone has digital cameras, scanners and home "photo printers", when people upload their photos to a local website or go into a shop and pick up a few hours later, we hear this all the time. How in the world do Professional Photographers charge $80 for a 12×8 when they cost just a few dollars at kmart?


July 30, 2013

Brisbane Glamour Photographer- Shoe Wonderland Launch


Shoe Wonderland Launch

Last week Desire to Inspire Photography had the opportunity to do a shoot for a very special lady. Clare is a friend of mine that is a single mum to twins Henry & Lucy. Clare had a goal in mind to set up her own Party Plan company like never before. She has now been live for around 3 weeks and it is absolutely sky rocketing to bigger than she imagined so soon after launching it to the public. This is a true testimony to why setting goals in life are so important to achieve what you dreamt of. This dream is now alive and well on its way to success. Being a single mum to 6 year old twins is one hell of a task by itself without throwing a brand new company into the equation. Makes me very proud to see one of my friends do something that makes them happy and to do it right! Well done Clare! You should be so proud of yourself and I am absolutely sure your dad is looking down on you saying the same thing!


July 10, 2013

Brisbane Glamour Photographer – Gives women confidence!


Glamour Makeover gives Women confidence!

I had the pleasure of photographing such a gorgeous girl Mandy. It was amazing to see the transformation to when she walked through the door as a shy girl without much confidence to getting her hair and makeup done then blowing us away with her gorgeous smile. WOW! I loved every minute of the session and captured so many photos it was so hard for Mnady to decide which ones she didnt like cause she loved them all. That is a proud moment for me as the photographer as that shows I did a great job. :) Mandy is booking in for another session shortly with her mum this time which will be so exciting! Can't wait for that session so I can capture some great images of Mandy and her mum. 


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July 3, 2013

Brisbane Birth Photographer – Khovi’s Birth Story


Birth story captured by a

Brisbane Photographer

"Sometimes you will never know the value a moment until its a faded memory"

I had the absolute pleasure of capturing the birth of Khovi Andrew on the 14th June 2013. Wow this little man was in a really hurry to enter this world! I almost missed the birth! I would've been so disappointed if I did. I got the phonecall just after Crystal and Max got to the hospital and that was at 10.20pm and I was ready to go and I got there at 10.55pm just intime for the birth at 11.16pm. Phew just made it with 20mins to spare.


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July 3, 2013

Brisbane Birth Photographer – Isla’s Birth Story


Brisbane Birth Photographer captures new life!

"Time will never stand still and those moments that bring such joy become memories in an instant. To capture such a moment and record it forever is truly monumental" This is how I feel about Birth Photography, Maternity and Newborn Sessions.

At the beggining of this year I set myself a goal that I wanted to follow a few pregnancies right through to the end. I wanted to capture the pregnancy the whole way through, capture the birth then followed by the newborn session in the first 10days of the newborns life. I was delighted to have a lot of response for this as it was my dream to capture such an exciting story for my clients. This was something I really regret not having done myself when I had my two daughters so I wanted to do it for someone else. I have to say that this has been one of the most thrilling things I have ever done in my photography career and cant wait for the next few I have booked in. I am so thankful for Amy & Jerry for allowing me to be in the room for something that is usually an intimate moment for a couple. Jerry wasn't too keen on me being there at first due to it being so personal but once he saw the images that I captured for them to treasure forever that feeling was gone forever. These are memories that will remain with the family for ever and ever. Being able to capture such emotions just makes my heart skip a beat, knowing how important it was for Amy to have me there after having a horrific first birth last time and not being able to capture the moment. 


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June 7, 2013

Brisbane Wedding Photographer – Slideshows

Tamborine Wedding-Bridal Party1140x600px (5)

Wedding Slideshows are my passion!

Are you getting married? You would like a Wedding Slideshow?

I wanted to share one of my wedding slideshows I did for a Wedding I did last year. I designed it like a movie slideshow which I really love. Are you getting married and still looking for a photographer to capture your special day? I would love the opportunity to meet with you to talk about your dream day.


May 27, 2013

Brisbane Photographer – Award Winning

Award Winning Photographer Brisbane

Wow! What a week we have had with our business! We were blessed to be nominated in the Logan Country Business Excellence Awards a couple of months ago now so just wanted to fill you all in about the process it took for us to be in the running. 


May 6, 2013

Brisbane Portrait Photographer – Behind the scenes

Brisbane Portrait Photographer – Behind the scenes 

Hello to all my lovely fans. I thought it was time to tell you a bit about myself and why I do what I do to give you all a bit of insight.

Photography for me has been almost a lifelong goal for me to run my own photography business but the timing was wrong. I have always been the one behind the camera everywhere I went, birthdays, conferences, events etc etc. I was always the one getting asked to take the photos all the time at different events in my previous career which was awesome as I was always learning new tips and things along the way.


March 28, 2013

Brisbane Maternity Photographer- Gorgeous Maternity Timeline

Stunning mummyto be (4)

Gorgeous Maternity Timeline

Are you expecting a baby? Have you thought about booking in to capture each progression of your pregnancy? Sometimes Pregnancy goes so fast you forget what it was like at each trimester of your first, second, third etc. Booking in for a Maternity Timeline package is the perfect way to capture each moment along the way and have the chance to compare how much your grew in such a short time. 

We have started to offer these packages to our clients which involve a quick session each 4-6weeks throughout your pregnancy with a full session at 36weeks which will include your partner if you wish (I like it with the partners involved). We also offer Birth Photography followed by Custom Newborn photos if you wish. All these steps are such an exciting time and usually we forget to get a camera out at these intimate times so having a photographer captured these moments are priceless memories that you will treasure forever.

You can't repeat the process so don't put it off and then miss out on these memories that you will one day share with your child that will be so special to you. I have attached some samples of Maternity Timelines that I am in the midst of completing and soon will be doing the birth and newborn photos for these ladies also. Birth photography is in no way tacky as we capture these moments in a documentary style, they will be very tasteful and edited in Black n White to show the true emotions in the moment of time. 

If you wish to book us for all 3 sessions we have a bundled session package to save you money when all booked together. To book these sessions you need to book ASAP after you find out your pregnant so we can plan out your timeline sessions and block out time for around the birth due date and also for the Newborn photos. It is very important to book early to ensure no disappointment. 

I look forward to hearing from you real soon and if you know of anyone else that is pregnant or just found out please share this with them and refer them to me to receive referral discounts for yourself :)

Enjoy and look forward to capturing your special moments very soon :)

Angie xx

24week timeline Crystal's-Timeline

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March 25, 2013

Glamour Makeover Session Special

Glamour Makeover

Glamour Makeover Session Special

Well you have all been waiting for it so here it is! Have you ever thought about having a Glamour Makeover? 

This will be a session where you will be treated like a Princess for a few hours, sip on some Champayne and get your hair and makeup done professionally to look your best for your photos! This session can be done by yourself or with your partner/friend for even more of a special touch. There is a discount for booking for yourself and a friend or partner so take advantage of it.


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