September 19, 2013

Brisbane Birth Photographer – Award Winning Birth Photographer


Brisbane Birth Photographer – Award Winning Birth Photographer

Wow is an understatement! It has always be a dream of mine to be up against my idols in photography in both Australia and Internationally. I set myself a goal to get awarded atleast a silver from the Australian Professional Photography Awards being held in Melbourne last weekend. I have worked so hard to continue building my skills in what I love, that being photography. One area that I have a passion for is Birth Sessions. I love that I can have the opportunity to tell a story of ones labour through to the birth of a new life into this world. I love all the emotions that go along with the birthing experience. I love that I get to capture the expression on the mums face when she gets to see her newborn baby for the first time, the first feed, dads first hold, the first family photo, the first weigh in, first measurements etc etc. These memories are just PRICELESS!! 

A dream of mine was to capture a Natural Birth of twins and that dream came true when a friend was able to recommend a client to me that was due to give birth naturally to twins. Yay! I was so so excited to be able to have this opportunity. It was always my goal to submit a series of images for the awards so I could tell the judges the story of the twins birth into the world. Sam was definitely a super mum when it came to labour and giving birth to two babies not just one. I take my hat off to her committment to birthing her babies without any pain relief. Well done! The birth was AMAZING and all went to plan so I was able to capture some AMAZING photos for Stuart and Sam but also to submit for the National Awards.

I designed my layout and got all my 4 images printed ready to be matted for the submission, booked my accommodation and airfares to head off to the awards so I could be there for the judging process. This is such a nail biting experience that is for sure. There was 3083 images being judged over 3 days and not all will be awarded. approx 33% make it through for an award. I sat there on friday watching the Illustrative category which was fine as I wasnt in that category. I wasnt nervous at all.

Come Saturday morning when the judging for family was starting at 8am in 2 rooms. This was my day! My legs were shaking, my stomach was churning and I was hanging off the edge of my seat waiting for them to turn my image around to judge! Intense to say the least! There is a panel of 5 judges from all different genres of photography to give it a fair all round judging. If the Image scores 80-84 its a Silver, 85-89 is Silver Distinction, 90-94 is Gold, 95-100 is Gold Distinction. Well mine scored 68,69,78,85. I have figured that its extremely hard to get any newborns images to score a silver and the same for maternity as they arent as unique and very common images to be entered. So my answer to that is I wont be entering that genre again lol. One of my birth stories missed being reviewed for Silver by only 1 point. 

I had 3 judges tell me that I shouldve entered my birth stories into the Documentary category instead of the Family category which now makes sense. As most may know that the lighting in a birth suite is usually very little or awful lighting so its hard to set the lighting up how it needs to be due to the circumstances at the time. In the family category the lighting is judged whereas in the Documentary category the lighting isnt judged due to the nature of being documentary and not usually having the time to set the lighting to the right exposure. So now I know for next year so I can hopefully scored higher points :) Bring it on!

To give you some statistics on the images entered and what they were awarded I will list them for you to give you an idea on how hard it is to received a Silver Distinction like I did for one of my Birth stories. 

For the Australian Professional Photography Awards there was 3083 entries in total, with 962 images awarded silver (31.32% of the total entries), 244 awarded Silver Distinction (7.94%), 87 Gold Awards (2.83%) and only 7 Gold Distinction (0.23% pf images entered) 

So that gives you an idea of how hard the competition is to get what I got. I was in the 7.94% to get a Silver Distinction Award!  How proud I am to receive it too!  Thanks for everyones support to get where I am today achieving my lifelong dream of being a professional photographer. 

I am so passionate about what I do and feel so proud when I hear my clients raving about their images to their friends and family. I love all the little nice comments on my facebook pages. It truly makes my day! 

I have posted my images below that I decided to enter in the awards. All I can say is BRING ON NEXT YEAR!!! I want to go out with a bang in 2014!

I hope you enjoy checking out the images and if you are looking for a photograher for your Birth, Wedding, Glamour, Newborn, Maternity or any other session please contact me and I will be only to happy to capture some amazing memories for you to look at for many years to come!

This first image is my winning image scoring 85 :) Silver Distinction!

















This is my second image scoring 78 Bronze Award

Brisbane_award_winning_birth_photographer (1)
















This is my 3rd Image scoring 69 (very hard competition to get a newborn image through to silver or above)

Brisbane_award_winning_birth_photographer (3)





























This is my 4th image scoring 68 (the judges don't seem to understand maternity images as majority of maternity entries didnt make it to silver :( )

Brisbane_award_winning_birth_photographer (2)





























Book your session with me today so we can create memories that will last forever!


September 4, 2013

Brisbane Newborn Photographer – Newborn Sample Album

Brisbane Newborn Photographer – Newborn Sample Album

I wanted to share the design of my new sample flushmount album that is available with some of our packages from our Newborn, Maternity & Birth Sessions. I hope you like it as much as I do. I can't wait for it to arrive so I have it in my hot little hands :) To find out more about our sessions please email us on so we can contact you with more info on capturing some lifetime memories of your newborn baby. 

September 3, 2013

Brisbane Newborn Photographer – Why pay a professional?


Brisbane Newborn Photographer – Why pay a professional?

Why are Professional Photographers perceived to be so expensive?

In this digital age where everyone has digital cameras, scanners and home "photo printers", when people upload their photos to a local website or go into a shop and pick up a few hours later, we hear this all the time. How in the world do Professional Photographers charge $80 for a 12×8 when they cost just a few dollars at kmart?


May 27, 2013

Brisbane Photographer – Award Winning

Award Winning Photographer Brisbane

Wow! What a week we have had with our business! We were blessed to be nominated in the Logan Country Business Excellence Awards a couple of months ago now so just wanted to fill you all in about the process it took for us to be in the running. 


May 6, 2013

Brisbane Portrait Photographer – Behind the scenes

Brisbane Portrait Photographer – Behind the scenes 

Hello to all my lovely fans. I thought it was time to tell you a bit about myself and why I do what I do to give you all a bit of insight.

Photography for me has been almost a lifelong goal for me to run my own photography business but the timing was wrong. I have always been the one behind the camera everywhere I went, birthdays, conferences, events etc etc. I was always the one getting asked to take the photos all the time at different events in my previous career which was awesome as I was always learning new tips and things along the way.


March 28, 2013

Brisbane Maternity Photographer- Gorgeous Maternity Timeline

Stunning mummyto be (4)

Gorgeous Maternity Timeline

Are you expecting a baby? Have you thought about booking in to capture each progression of your pregnancy? Sometimes Pregnancy goes so fast you forget what it was like at each trimester of your first, second, third etc. Booking in for a Maternity Timeline package is the perfect way to capture each moment along the way and have the chance to compare how much your grew in such a short time. 

We have started to offer these packages to our clients which involve a quick session each 4-6weeks throughout your pregnancy with a full session at 36weeks which will include your partner if you wish (I like it with the partners involved). We also offer Birth Photography followed by Custom Newborn photos if you wish. All these steps are such an exciting time and usually we forget to get a camera out at these intimate times so having a photographer captured these moments are priceless memories that you will treasure forever.

You can't repeat the process so don't put it off and then miss out on these memories that you will one day share with your child that will be so special to you. I have attached some samples of Maternity Timelines that I am in the midst of completing and soon will be doing the birth and newborn photos for these ladies also. Birth photography is in no way tacky as we capture these moments in a documentary style, they will be very tasteful and edited in Black n White to show the true emotions in the moment of time. 

If you wish to book us for all 3 sessions we have a bundled session package to save you money when all booked together. To book these sessions you need to book ASAP after you find out your pregnant so we can plan out your timeline sessions and block out time for around the birth due date and also for the Newborn photos. It is very important to book early to ensure no disappointment. 

I look forward to hearing from you real soon and if you know of anyone else that is pregnant or just found out please share this with them and refer them to me to receive referral discounts for yourself :)

Enjoy and look forward to capturing your special moments very soon :)

Angie xx

24week timeline Crystal's-Timeline

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February 8, 2013

Stunning Maternity Photos of Mummy to be!

Stunning mummyto be (22)

 Stunning Maternity Photos of Mummy to be!

How awesome does this gorgeous mum to be look?

I had the pleasure to photograph the gorgeous Tara's  for her Maternity photos  at 36weeks pregnant. I couldn't believe how amazing she looked and how her belly was just glowing and so radiantly beautiful. We did 2 sessions, one in the morning in the studio then late afternoon down at Coolangatta Beach which we were hoping for a beautiful sunset that never came :( The sky was just clouds everywhere with no sun peeping through at all which was a shame. I wanted to try lots of new poses in this session which we did and they turned out gorgeous! Biased I know lol but hey someone's gotta be :) I can't wait till this little one is welcomed into this world to capture that and the gorgeous newborn photos in the first 10days of birth. Hope you like the photos I have loaded up. Feel free to share this onto your Facebook page or Pin it to Pinterest to show the world a very gorgeous mum to be <3 Enjoy! Angie xxx   Stunning mummyto be (13)_001 Stunning mummyto be


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