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Birth FAQ

What is Birth Photography?

Birth Photography is basically a photojournalistic approach. It is a series of photographs documenting the Labour, Birth and Postpartrum. It really is a true birth day celebration. 

Do you take pictures of the whole labour and birth?

I will photograph your labour and birth if thats what you would like. If you want anymore or less let me know and I will honour your wishes.

Will you post the photos on the internet?

I will post what your comfortable with. If you would prefer me not to post a certain image let me know. I would never post an image that would reveal anything on it anyway unless you told me too. :)

Will we meet before the birth?

I would like to meet you before the brth so we can get to know each other rathan than meeting you when your in labour. During this time we will discuss your expectations, any questions you might have, any hospital policies and any other small but important details.

When do you show up?

I will show up when you are sure you are in active labour. As a mum of two I know all labours can be different. It all depends on how much of the day you want documented  will depend on when I will show up. This is one of the details we will cover at our birth consultation.

How long will you stay? What if I have a long labour?

I will stay until 2hrs postpartrum

What if I have a short labour, will I get any of my money back?

I f I am unable to make the birth because of a situation at my end then yes you will be refunded any money. If I am unable to make it because you do not keep communication then no money will be refunded. Due to the amount of weeks I block off for a birth I lose other potential business.

What if I have a C-Section?

When you find out the hospitals policy on C-Sections please let me know so we can still have birth photos. 

Will I have to get approval from my hospital?

Yes, at your check up please speak with your midwife or doctor about having a photographer there for the birth. 

What if you miss the birth?

If I miss the birth and you still want photos your session will be turned into a fresh 24hr session and any money will be applied to that session.

When should I book you?

You should book as soon as you are certain you want your birth photographed.

Do you offer discounts or take payments?

I offer discounts when purchasing a session bundle eg Maternity, Birth & Newborn Bundle. I also offer Take-home Layby which is interest free. Deposit is due at time of order and the remainder will be paid in fortnightly payments. 

Do you use flash? What if I want my birth dark?

I don't use a flash unless I absolutely have to due to it being way to dark to capture with correct exposure. 

How many photos will you get?

This will vary depending on the length of the labour and birth. I aim for around 50 to tell the complete story.

How long will it take to get my photographs?

This depends on my workload at the time but you can expect to have your viewing within 2weeks of your birth.

Will they be colour or Black n White?

I generally process birth photos in Black n White due to any blood etc. This way they look better for you. I can do colour if that is what you wish for. 

Do I get a USB of all my images? What if I want prints?

I prefer to design an album to tell your story in the order of the events on the day. This is a keepsake memory for you and you will automatically get all the images with the album ordered.